The Witcher: Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Netflix
Welcome back. Season 2 of The Witcher premieres December 17, 2021 worldwide on Netflix.


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The Witcher: Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Netflix

  • Puvan Krishnan
    Puvan Krishnan

    Kaer Mohn!

  • Nehir Dogan
    Nehir Dogan

    Fate bound these three together. On the first meeting with Geralt, Ciri started asking who Yennefer was.

  • Sonick Shalom
    Sonick Shalom

    It's too racist.

  • The gaming Canadian
    The gaming Canadian

    This looks so damn good. Can’t wait for December 17th.

  • inside down
    inside down

    i already lost the interes, 2 years afeter 8 episodes to film another 7-8 episodes......

    • LazurusWolf666

      To be fair both COVID and Cavill's injury did interfere with production and filming.

  • Александра Маглёваная
    Александра Маглёваная

    I am sorry, but what happened to Ciri's eyebrows? Why she suddenly became an instagram girl?! Make up from previous season was sooo much more alive...


    Where is Yennefer?

  • Aayushman Sahu
    Aayushman Sahu

    After long time..... 😉

  • روابي عبدالله
    روابي عبدالله


  • Honluk Aluk
    Honluk Aluk

    ciri got pink lipstick and black eyebrows now 🤣🤣

  • Geopherson Paras
    Geopherson Paras

    Looks like Game of thrones

  • Sankar Mahha Rajh Shanmugam
    Sankar Mahha Rajh Shanmugam

    Okay So if you think of Superman , Henry comes to your mind . And he's gonna appear in your mind when you hear the word Witcher too , such a powerful actor who slays his character on screen !

  • Chris Barber
    Chris Barber

    Wasn't this supposed to be out six years ago?

  • Jan G
    Jan G

    so this Anna Shaffer who portrayed Triss Merigold is the same girl that trying to make harry potter drink the love potion? well thats why she looks so familiar.

  • Wischmopps

    No water out of pipes, no electricity, but perfectly shaved arms, chests and eyebrows. Hollywood

  • vijay

    I get the feeling that this version of lambert will become a fan favourite

  • Kapilthev kingston
    Kapilthev kingston

    Never forget that this is GERALT's story Netflix, please

    • Kapilthev kingston
      Kapilthev kingston

      @Chinese Covid Anal Swabs To the plot, yes but the story still belongs to the Witcher

    • Chinese Covid Anal Swabs
      Chinese Covid Anal Swabs

      And ciri in fact I would argue ciri is more important, tbh.

  • Nicholas Rousseau
    Nicholas Rousseau

    Lelele lelelelele lelelelele lelele lele lele lele lele

  • Heliosforgod

    I expected monsters and witches and beast

  • Eshita Bhattacharjee
    Eshita Bhattacharjee

    Such beautiful visuals.🥺

  • Amy Jo Michael
    Amy Jo Michael

    I am finding out that I REALLY LOVE SHOWS LIKE THIS

  • Amy Jo Michael
    Amy Jo Michael

    They really needed to put this out there more and In my opinion This show could be just as good as Vikings or Game of thrones so far and I can't wait to see the next season 2 and 3 and i am so glad December is only in a couple months for me to see the season 2 because i totally hust got done with the first season today and I tried to watch this show a couple times before but I could not get past that very first part in S1 E1 when the witcher had to fight that crazy spider looking thing I thought Oh no stupid This is no Game of thrones but I finally gave it a chance watched more LOL Don't judge a show by the first few minutes in the first episode

  • Carl Mordor
    Carl Mordor

    The witcher series is probably my favorite RPG game series ever and so far the show has been pretty good and possibly up to competing with the game.

  • Yasuu Syko
    Yasuu Syko

    Hindi plz

  • Nehir Dogan
    Nehir Dogan

    There should be more yennefer and geralt scenes 😿🥺

  • Rajesh Tmg
    Rajesh Tmg

    I wish I woke up tomorrow and tomorrow is Dec 17

  • Rohit

    Anya Chalotra definitely deserves an Emmy/Golden Globe award for her portrayal of Yennefer of Vengerberg in "The Witcher".

  • Martina M
    Martina M

    This looks so good so much action finally… however I still can not process the way Triss looks. I love her in the game with red hair and so.

    • Martina M
      Martina M

      @LazurusWolf666 brown- ish to the copper side if I remember correctly

    • LazurusWolf666

      Ironically because in the books she is younger and has brown hair.

  • solmyr2

    a hotter yennefer no eh ? ok

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia

    Not going to lie this is super disappointing

  • Nurjannah Saadiah
    Nurjannah Saadiah

    I've been waiting forever for this! Can't wait!

  • CliveStaplesL

    I am fckn here for this.

  • Alex Barčovský
    Alex Barčovský

    What exactly is Kaer Mohren? It's my home The place witchers are made *Care for a round of gwent?*

  • Celtic Babs
    Celtic Babs

    Wake me up when December comes...

  • Kindred Interviews
    Kindred Interviews

    Season 2 is just going to be the events of Blood of Elves, right?

  • Ramesh Ulagaraj
    Ramesh Ulagaraj

    Henry cavil is Born to play The witcher Geralt

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    I'm the Zodiac.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    And Rudy, Daniel, Evan, And the others.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    I have a twin brother.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    They try to hold morality at a certain era.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    ELF are not Vampires they're carnivores type people.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    Also Kingdom Hearts incidents.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    I created the Ancient Magics in RuneScape Spartan leadership Quests.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    RuneScape is real.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    The Elf is biting me. Elfs bite people.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    Legolas, and the Elf from Lord of the Rings.

  • Prince Alucard VI Britannia
    Prince Alucard VI Britannia

    They're trying to Teleport to McAllen, Tx.

  • Guerin Irene
    Guerin Irene

    "02:28" I would stick to *ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ* that's where we get ours

  • Jonathan

    Turns out , the girl who plays Ciri is 20. Would’ve never known if I didn’t go looking at the castings.

  • I'm super!
    I'm super!

    The Witcher...a secondary character in a series supposedly about him!

  • Shubham Lohia
    Shubham Lohia

    Amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • subraxas

    I am already "looking forward" to all those unimaginative snobs' moaning again about the show's not being exactly like the books. :-D Well, . . . . not really, actually! :-(

  • Nairèlav Zeyac
    Nairèlav Zeyac

    I just want to see Ciri in the desert, that chapter is so cool

  • Big Boner
    Big Boner

    Ciri: So I am your destiny? Geralt: Let's lay 'em down. Ciri: *nods* *Gwent music playing

  • shooglechic

    I've got my coins. I'm ready to toss them.

  • Stephen Weeden
    Stephen Weeden

    Love the Witcher. First season was a bad soap opera. Second season looks better.

  • Ben Ar
    Ben Ar

    Ciri: So I'm your destiny Geralt: You're so much more than that Cirilla *Ladies and gentlemen we got him*

  • Glen Hancocks
    Glen Hancocks

    Who’s watching this in 2021?

  • l

    Why is it taking so long😭

  • Riken


  • a2zistoolong

    Beginning of trailer: Calm Towards the end: Chaos, Panic


    I think the next destiny would be

  • Zombot

    Still can't get over how bad the casting choice for Yennefer is.

    • truestory

      She actually grows on me now that I re-watch it. The thing is she's likable. And when she's being more Yen-like, she lacks the 'bite'. Of course I'm comparing to the game, so it's not fair. Probably nothing can be compared to the game's Yen :) Although maybe katie mcgrath could pull it off. (I think Triss is a bigger 'wowers' here :D although her voice is 'very Triss', I'd say)

  • Jay Knight
    Jay Knight

    When a humble bard Graced a ride along With Geralt of Rivia Along came this season

  • Eloy Marquez
    Eloy Marquez

    Da witcher!

  • Skywalker Lounge
    Skywalker Lounge

    the most intelligent thing Netflix did was to make this series, what u gonna do next after this Netflix?

  • Murky

    I hope they recast Yennefer.. really couldnt stand her in the first season tbh..

    • Murky

      @E M Hahaahah why are you so offended

    • E M
      E M

      Same thing your parents said when they saw how you turned out, wished they could just recast their child.

  • The Avatar
    The Avatar

    Geralt: "When I say run. When I say hide. When I say fight, you fight !" Would be dope if he says that.

    • J Law
      J Law

      Had the exact same thought

  • S.S.G.Brolly65697275

    From Philippines💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • MrGE2014SE

    When he does not play Witcher he is a Witcher.....

  • James Winny
    James Winny

    Back in the day when you waited for a great series to return, it was worth it cause you got 20+ episode. These days you’ll be lucky to get 13 episodes out of an awesome show.

    • Jeiy Bréard
      Jeiy Bréard

      Cost, Time,... a lot of others things as well but shows before didnt have the same effort put in it, the same cot, for everything (the team, you need to pay the actors, the fx if needed, sound,...etc So yeah nowadays u get a 10 or less episodes in 1 season but it was done with tears and sweat, and it usually last longer than 40 min

    • Andrew A.
      Andrew A.

      I think they cost way more nowadays

    • Cam Zez
      Cam Zez

      Honestly I think shows with fewer episodes are better usually shows with more than 20 ep pure seasons is a bunch of filler

  • Meharwan Royal
    Meharwan Royal

    I lot love this a lot very much lot

  • saifMSK

    All they need to do is adapt from Witcher 3 and you've got an instant hit.

  • GeizigAdam

    already played Witcher 3, guess can skip that.

  • Our Channel
    Our Channel

    Waiting for that season 2 but its to long 😞

  • Deraufr

    Eyy nivellen

  • Anupam Rabha
    Anupam Rabha

    Mistry!! Is yennifer n witcher going to reunite here? or fight against each other.. n yaa!!! Atlast she survived..

  • FNS

    This girl has had so much surgery between seasons she is totally unrecognizable now lol Love how they picked the best things from both the books and games

    • E M
      E M

      She was 16/17 when they started filming season 1 and during season 2 production she was 19/20. Grab some pictures of people at 16 vs 20, they look very different in a lot of cases. She most likely is was just a kid who started aging out of her baby face.

  • yogendra kumar
    yogendra kumar


  • Filthyalcoholic

    cant wait for this!

  • Democrat PoopCity
    Democrat PoopCity

    I cant wait, it seems like the woketards haven’t ruined this yet

  • Ffierock Scouadada
    Ffierock Scouadada

    Vesemir 😭

  • Oliver 141
    Oliver 141

    OMG so looking forward to this 😋😋

  • Game chiến tất
    Game chiến tất

    Poor Gẻralt , bcz he will miss remember and fu*k Triss in movie 😂

  • Sofie Strandqvist
    Sofie Strandqvist

    Please for the future seasons, when Regis shall appear. Make him french and cast Vincent Cassel for the role! :D

    • Typhaine


  • Ally Asotziona
    Ally Asotziona

    She looks like kenzie reeves in that thumbnail

  • vampirehunter5151

    I think they are releasing this in december cuz the last season came in december.

  • Siegr

    As much as I fancy Henry Cavil as Geralt, sometimes I feel something way off on his Geralt, but I don't know how to point it exactly. Yet it could just be me being way too exposed to Geralt from the games...I don't know. It's something that comes and goes really fast...for maybe a second, a plan, then it gets aligned again.

  • Gazza

    Maybe one day they will adapt the Witcher books, and not make bastardized fan-fiction of it

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash

    Why are there so many Africans in this European folk tale?

  • abood vanq
    abood vanq

    just making sure its out there, its nothing like what the books say

  • Toluwalase M. Efunkunle
    Toluwalase M. Efunkunle


  • King


  • Amy The Rouge
    Amy The Rouge

    Where was yennefer the whole video?

  • Baxter


  • Dori Grey
    Dori Grey

    Fringilya make a black magic

  • va dim
    va dim

    Screw this show and your racist casting

  • fjellstorm

    I wish I would understand the storyline

  • Emza Wemza Vlogs
    Emza Wemza Vlogs

    You know, this is the second best series I’ve watched ever. The first is game of thrones. Do you guys get similar vibes from the hound and Geralt

  • Zac Campa
    Zac Campa

    Yes! I'm excited to see Kaer Morhen and Vesimer. I was very sad with how they ended the first season. But it was good nonetheless

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